2015 Toyota Yaris, it is a good car, but needs a better engine

2015-03-02 00:03:32
2015 Toyota Yaris, it is a good car, but needs a better engine
2015 Toyota Yaris, it is a good car, but needs a better engine

One of the most memorable advertising phrases used by automakers in recent time is the “It’s a car!” by Toyota, at least by our yardstick. The ad slogan was coined for the 2012 Yaris and should have been awarded. This humble car among the core products of Toyota has got a refresh now for the 2015.

The advertising slogan was absolutely without overstatement and a pure line exclusively put on the Internet. Coming from the engineering team which is busy preparing the high profile products of Toyota such as the  Highlander, Avalon and Camry, the Yaris was shown to us in Hawaii where went on to test the car whether it has fresh juice pumped into it.

It appears as if the designers have gone to town freaking, to create this one and it looks like a cross between the Darth Vader Hot Wheels and sports bra. According to Toyota it has taken some chunk out of the new Aygo of X-Men origin. At the rear end the optics has been refined and amber turn signals have been added and the rear bumper has the diffuser type on it. Up front we have these saucy LED running lights and the 16-inch wheels are techno silver and black. Beauty should be left to the admirer to judge, the styling department should be commended for not bunting with the 2015 refresh.  Aesthetically the outgoing model was more pleasing.

In the earlier edition the interior was not much to be shouted about, but we were content with the gauged being moved in to their proper destinations. The new refresh has added some soft touch on doors and dash and the LE and SE trims have been given some bright work. 2015 Yaris get a new center console across the range, and the too flexible plastic has been hardened now to give solid status.  The Toyota based infotainment gets a new 6.1-inch touch screen, HD radio, six-speaker audio system, USB port, iPod port, voice recognition, Bluetooth, and music streaming. This is really a bonus in a class where provision of a radio is welcomed with fanfare. Upholstery has been upgraded but the entire getup does not give feel good factor unless you get the SE trim, which sports an exclusive instrument cluster, contrast stitching and leather encased steering wheel and shifter.   

Unfortunately the engine has not been replaced and you get the unpleasantly loud 1.5 Liter four-cylinder engine without personality, but ruthlessly efficient with a forward thrust. The 5-speed manual transmission in the SE is better than the L when it is in action and there are the only models that get to have the stick.  It actually communicates that you have actually slotted the right gear and it is important for a good performance from the engine. We will not recommend you the   four-speed automatic as it is an ancient, outgunned gearbox, and unfortunately has been installed in a 2015 model. You would as well skip it and save $725. You would be well off manning the stick on your own.

With this kind of configuration you cannot expect to cross the 0-60mph performance any better with the manual achieving it in 9 seconds and the slushbox in 10.5 seconds. Fuel economy figures according to EPA are 30/36-37 mpg for city and highway.

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