The Lincoln Town car which ushered in a new era in luxury

2014-01-16 23:04:06
The Lincoln Town car which ushered in a new era in luxury
The Lincoln Town car which ushered in a new era in luxury

Lincoln luxury automobiles were renowned for their majestic presence and the demand from the highest office of the US government.  The Lincoln Town Car is the one that came out of the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company was an upscale luxury sedan produced from 1980 to 2011 model years.

Lincoln division was the luxury wing of Ford Motor Company and the Town car was its product which ruled the roost in the US and Canada as a chauffeured cars and limousines to attend VIP and other important occasions. This top class 4-door sedan was introduced in 1959 as the Town Car and was from the generation of Continental Mark IV. The name plate became stuck with it as a permanent identity in the 1969 with the continental lineup and also indicated the trend of trimming the interiors and downsizing the original Lincolns. The town car also saw the discontinuance of the continental as the flagship and replaced it as the stand alone model of the Lincoln brand of luxury cars. The Lincoln brand was separated from the parent Ford Motor Company and made an independent unit, the Lincoln Motor Company.

The town car featured a body on frame design, large interior and exterior measurements, rear-wheel drive and a standard V8 engine and was modeled on the Panther platform of Ford. This aspect gave the town car a common feature which it shared with the Ford LTD Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis. Design of the Town Car made it durable despite the rough condition and terrain they were subjected to as most of the cars were used as livery or taxi cars. There were easy to repair and cheaper when they suffered damage. These cars are employed into commercial service and can be driven up to a minimum of 400, 000 miles in good serviceable condition.

The town car was the longest built in the west during the period 1997-2011 and it measured 18 feet for the standard model and 18.5 feet for the L version. However, this car was not the heaviest in the Northern America. The car was taken off the assembly line after the 2011 model year and found itself without a replacement. However the indirect alternate the Lincoln MKS is architecturally different in spite of it being a full-size sedan because it has a unibody platform with front-wheel drive. This car is sold more as the successor to Lincoln LS and the Lincoln Continental which was in production between 1995 and 2002.

However Lincoln kept the Town Car legacy by developing a full size MKT cross over car and made it available to the consumer in the year 2012 which is known as the MKT Town Car, however, plans are afoot to bring out a new successor based on rear-wheel platform to counter BMW 7-serues and Mercedes S-class. Ford is also planning to tap the luxury car market in China, which incidentally has been flourishing in recent years and is likely to introduce the Lincoln brand vehicles in the year 2015. 

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