Lincoln MKZ AWD V6 Mind Blowing Reviews in 2013

2014-02-04 09:22:18
Lincoln MKZ AWD V6 Mind Blowing Reviews in 2013
Lincoln MKZ AWD V6 Mind Blowing Reviews in 2013

Lincoln Motor Company, shortly known as Lincoln, is a subsidiary division of Ford Motor Corporation, which is making luxury vehicles under Lincoln brand, selling in the North American market. Ford has also got a plan to expand the Lincoln range of models to more than seven by the year 2015 and also planning to explore the China market too in 2014. The 2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD V6 is such a brave new step to the future.

Lincoln Motors currently make only a few models of vehicles including two sedans as MKS and MKZ, two crossovers as MKT and MKX, and two SUVs as Navigator and Lincoln Navigator L. There are also one Pickup Truck, Lincoln Mark LT and also one limousine as the Lincoln MKT Livery. Lately, Lincoln also released an all-new concept crossover in 2013 as the MKC, of which the sales are expected to start by the 2014 summer.

2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD V6

The all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ is a high-end luxury model. The 2013 MKZ is a pretty much remaking on the basement of Ford Fusion, which was the previous generation luxury vehicle from Ford. It has a very scarce resemblance both inside and outside to Fusion; however, still carries some telltale signs on what is there beneath. You can find the similarities in the flimsy turning signal stalk and other switchgear. The higher belt-line as well as sleek-finished roof are also taking over from Fusion. However, everything got amplified to multitude with the new MKZ styling.

At the first point itself, we can notice the brand new face of this Lincoln with a split wing grille, featuring a more bulbous nose than that of the concept. The sides seems a bit like the Volvo-esque, and having a single character line which is running from the stem to the other end just underneath the belt-line. The MKZ’s tail end is more like that of the Mustang; however with pretty different taillights. Overall, the look seems to be pretty appreciable, but one cannot say that the Lincoln fully succeeded in presenting themselves as a premium product.

Under the hood, there is no compromise on power and performance. There is a 3.7-liter V-6 engine, with is featuring 300 HP and also 277 lb-ft of torque. It makes it the strongest case in class, figuratively. When installed with a four-wheel drive model, it offers the new MKZ all the characteristics of a high-performance sports sedan. The achievement of 0-60-mph is just 6.3 seconds and also a 0.85 g on the skidpad is also a respectable test value.

Lincoln MKZ AWD V6 is very quick in a straight line and you can feel the roars most appropriate. There is also an integrated system, which enhances the sound of the engine in a similar way to that of your cards audio system. However, on actual street conditions, it may differ a bit from the straight-line performance we had seen. Also that you need to push the MKZ pretty hard to make the all-wheel drive mechanism offer the needed power rearward. However, the idea behind incorporating all-wheel drive is to be benefited in adverse weather conditions, just as it is done in Fusion. The most advance option MKZ got to offer is the option for the drivers to choose among the Comfort, Normal, and Sport modes based on the situation. 

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