Wishing to own a Jaguar Land Rover? Try it!

2014-02-20 00:47:25
Wishing to own a Jaguar Land Rover? Try it!
Wishing to own a Jaguar Land Rover? Try it!

It’s a fantastically manufactured car that has imbibed in it, all the characteristic traits that make a numero uno convertible class-apart than others. Feels like authors need to compose noteworthy prose describing ‘the indescribable’ about the most popular automotive combining the bests of Land Rover and Jaguar to give proper renaissance to world’s premier luxury sports car that was in the offing! 

A real car with charismatic aura brought into this world by Tata Motors Limited, Jaguar Land Rover has gained immense market reputation as a brand having a high potential of building its own value among the rest. Globally recognized as a world-class vehicle it is very unlikely that this car would not respond to the stimulus of a heavily prospering consumer market. Remarkably engineered for drivers of all ages without any gender discrimination, Land Rover is being viewed as one car that would culminate all the reel dreams into real. A product of state-of-the-art R & D, this car would cover miles after miles of distances in its designer chassis that would give even a casual driver a feel of unending peace and satisfaction.

Jaguar would do what was never done before. Posing as an economic purchase, a safe investment that makes it to be a long lasting legacy vehicle, JLR has banished all the myths. With momentous growth in the sales spectrum, Jaguar Land Rover has been instrumental in increasing the percentage of profits earned by the manufacturers of the prized convertible.

Jaguar Land Rover is to be marked as an all-terrain vehicle with the finesse and class features of an off-road capacity convertible that is the sole attribute of the brand. Innovatively produced off-road techniques like: Terrain Response (TR), combine to form the robustness of the vehicle. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) can be driven safely on a range of terrains through making viable choices like selecting the vehicle gear, recognizing the obstacles and avoiding them, along with planning the vehicle path. You might even change the car configuration after selecting the appropriate air suspension ride height which can be standard or off-road as well as a transfer box ratio, which could be high or low range. Through the Automatic Terrain Response (ATR) customers might be made aware of the realistic situations that they might face upon riding the car of their choice. 

The team involved in the development of JLR brought forth a Human Machine Interface (HMI)  allowing selection of the automatically operational special program, that can retain the special program selection facility done manually, providing advice that a driver would need. The Human machine interaction is simplistic and intuitively operational during off-road driving. The integration of existing Terrain Response with HMI is significant as it meets all the standards set by the Company going on strict technical guidelines. As a resolution, the development of a new switcher along with driver information messages came into being.

Automatic Terrain Response is believed to affirm that the Jaguar’s already installed off-road feature set; increases both the vehicle’s capability as well as the utilization of those capacities.  While reinforcing the brand’s stable monopoly in the market, with the equally important accomplishment of the feat referred to as ‘customer satisfaction’, Jaguar plays it cool, being the owner’s pride. Technology is an added plus with the vehicle being completely eco-friendly. 

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