Jaguar, the high-end luxury model cars

2013-11-30 00:01:08

Jaguar Cars is now Jaguar Land Rover Limited., Since December 2012 officially. It is a British owned multinational car producer having headquarters in Whitley, Coventry. The company has taken an incentive to create new generation vehicles by pumping in £ 100 ml pound in a research and development centre located in Warwick, UK. 

The jaguar was established in 1922 by Sir William Lyons as Swallow Sidecar Company which was into making sidecars for motorcycles originally. After Second World War the name was changed due to the unfavorable connection to the infamous German SS as Jaguar. The company’s name was changed with mergers and acquired names such as British Motor Holdings (BMH) and British Leyland. The company demerged from Leyland and became a constituent of FTSE 100 Index till Ford acquired it in 1990.

The company is famed for manufacturing luxury vehicles and has delivered cars to the British Prime Minister. The Jaguar XJ was the most recent delivered in 2010. It also manufactured vehicles for Queen Elizabeth II and the Crown Prince Charles. The designing of Jaguar range is done at Whitley plant and Gaydon site, Coventry and Warwickshire respectively. The manufacturing takes place in the Castel Bromwich assembly plant located near Birmingham.

Jaguar’s fame  was attributed to its attractive looking sports car and it rode on its slogan “Grace, Space, Pace and achieved record sales with models such as MK VII, IX, MKs saloons and XJ6 later. The Jaguar cars moved into the higher bracket price range when Sir John Egan took over in 1980. He was a hailed as a superman of industries and made several reforms to bring Jaguar back on the rails. He raised the prices of the car models but the rise was veiled in the US market due to the exchange rates.

In 1989 the company became a part of Ford Motors and in 1999 it was among the Premier Automatic Group founded by Ford and consisted of Volvo Cars, Aston Martin and then Land Rover in 2000. Jaguar expanded its assembly line under the leadership of Ford. In 2007 Ford announced its plan to sell of Jaguar and several companies from US, Europe including Tata Motors of India and Mahindra and Mahindra from Asia expressed interest to acquire the company.  Gradually all other companies withdrew and Tata Motors of India acquired the company finally in June 2008 at the cost of £1.7 billion. A Jaguar Land Rover plant has become operational in Pune, India since April, 2011.

The jaguar has several high priced sports model cars in the market and some of them are Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, Jaguar XK and Jaguar R models such as Jaguar XKR-S. After a lot of speculation over the years Jaguar announced in 2012 that the company would not be producing SUVs but suggested that a crossover of the Jaguar would be on the drawing board soon.

The Jaguar automobile lineup included large executive cars like the XJ (X351), compact executive cars such as the XF, sports models like the XK (X150) and F-type. The company has also ventured into racing competitions with 2009 XFR and the 2010 Jaguar RSR XKR GT2. Jaguar also manufactured several conceptual models including the C-X17 the first ever Jaguar SUV concept in 2013. The company has produced four generations of car engines in the house and the Jaguar AJD-V6 engine is one of the current ones in use.


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